TYPE 984

A massive radar which only the might of a carrier could carry: one never seen before nor since the days of the big carriers!

Today we take for granted A.C., and use D.C., when it suits.  Not that long ago, even our biggest ships were completely D.C., necessitating many tens of machines changing voltages to A.C., to feed the ever growing suite of radar, sonar, gunnery, wireless telegraphy etc equipment needs. Today, sadly, we don't see or hear of our ship's in the public domain, but some time ago the carrier Ark Royal {R09} featured in a most favoured and mass-followed TV Series called "Sailor".  Even the Admiral's of the Fleet liked the series and, again sadly, we don't have Admiral's of the Fleet any more because we are too small a Fleet in global terms. Ark Royal {R09} was built as a DC ship but was converted to be an AC ship with all the advantages that brought.  One other point, whilst sailors in the USN still know the feeling of serving onboard a seagoing 'HEATHROW AIRPORT', sailors in all other navies cant even conceive of the belonging to such a ship.  We served in Ark Royal {R09}, Eagle, Victorious which were the seagoing 'STANSTED/MANCHESTER/BIRMINGHAM' airports of our times and that was a wonderful experience.  Today, our carriers are but local airports, 'HURN' for example, by comparison. This picture was taken from the Ark Royal's {R09} Propulsion Document, and is meant only as a pointer. It applies also to HMS Eagle.

 The Ark Royal {R09}, Eagle and the Victorious had, or could have had, the Type 984 Radar System.

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The top picture of the Victorious in Grand Harbour Malta, clearly shows the enormous aerial array forward on the Island, and the bottom picture shows the Eagle {passing St Elmo's Point also Grand Harbour Malta on her way out to sea} with the unmistakeable large white dot which is the front face of the 984 aerial. I have processed this file for the W/T side of the site but it is a must for the 984 page also.  Look at the majesty of this ship with her aerial array. VIC SSB AERIAL LAYOUT.pdf
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This picture shows the 984 as fitted into a Fleet Carrier. It could be fitted into DC or AC ships.  It was designed to have two sets, two aerial arrays, each working independently of on another and never actually looking at each other, both feeding the same control system and the same PPI. However, the second unit was never fitted and the single fit was always forward of the Island. The set was designed to be controlled by one watchkeeper and he would do everything necessary except sit in front of a PPI.  He would therefore switch on and off the system, control input and output RF power, modulation, and the technical parameters of each separate beam, training of array, damage control change over's,  switching  from Remote to Local as necessary. As part of his job, he would organise foot patrols to visit various parts of the system regularly to listening for strange noises and the smell of over-heating/burning.

The following  picture show the watchkeeper's control panel followed by the Log he kept when the set was operating.

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and this a brief description of the workings of the set. The Comprehensive Display System [CDS] mentioned here was the forerunner of the ADA system.

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984 watchkeepers log.pdf


The following pictures are just a small sample of the system:-

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See also these files 984  part of waveguides.pdf   984 aerial array.pdf    984 slipping compartment.pdf