Unlike all other "Types", the Type 65 wasn't a set {a transmitter, receiver or transceiver} but a system hurriedly put together to meet the requirements of WW2.

The Type 65 used the transmitter 5G  [see RED 24 in the transmitter 'scuttles' table} plus the " R/T W/T {meaning CW} receiver" B28 {see the receiver 'scuttles' table} and a petrol driven generator. The Type 65 was designed for rapid installation and deployment independent of all external power supplies.  The petrol generator supplies 230V AC for the transmitter 5G and 7.5V DC for battery charging purposes. The B28 is driven from a 12V battery using a rotary converter AP53245, a Briggs & Stratton Model 'N',   single cylinder, 4 stroke, 1.5 hp, air cooled petrol engine directly coupled by a flexible coupling to the self exciting E.D.C alternator.   The normal supplied generator for the Type 5G  is the American produced Reliance RMS35 named as AP54420.  The TX and RX use separate aerials.