The Type 34MA/34M and the Type 34MB/34P were identical sets in all aspects except for the power supplies.

The MA/M used a 1.25kW 75 c/s HT whereas the MB/P used 500 c/s.

Its fit was across the board, but in few numbers, being found in Minesweepers, HMS Ganges, Whitehall W/T, Unicorn {RNVR Drill Ship}, Australian shore stations and heavy ships { Iron Duke - battleship] for example, cruisers and destroyers, though for the latter two classes, a piecemeal fit.

A low/medium power set,  it followed the convention of its day, namely that the set comprised of three transmitters, one Valve set for M/F, one Valve set for H/F and a Spark set, the transmitter 6D

Emissions for M/F and H/F were CW and ICW

Frequency range M/F = 100-1364 kc/s: H/F = 2700-14000 kc/s: Spark = 75-750 kc/s

Maximum aerial power was rated at 150 Watts for M/F {to achieve a range of 175 miles}: 50 Watts for H/F {to achieve possibly world wide coverage at times, but nominally 50 miles}: Not given for Spark  {but 12 miles was achieved}.