Date of Design The Type 50 Series {Types 50, 50M, 50MR and 50X} were the products of the 1933 period  - this Series was  fitted in small/medium sized vessels as well as in heavy ships, during and after WW2.  An example only of those ships fitted with or earmarked to be fitted with are shown below:-
Type 50/50X: Tartar, Signal School Portsmouth, Nubian, Repulse, Ramillies, Resolution, Revenge, Royal Sovereign, Zulu. etc
Type 50M/50MR:  Shearwater, Guillemot, Pintail, Plover, Puffin, Niger, Gossamer, Harrier, Hazard, Kingfisher, etc.
Frequency Range
Transmitter 3U L/F 3U H/F Low Power Transmitter
Frequency range 100-1700 kc/s 3000-18500 kc/s 100-1700 kc/s
Power supply & Filament supply 3kW  Motor Alternator with auto voltage control 3kW  Motor Alternator with auto voltage control 100 Watt Motor Alternator supplied from the ship's 20V ring main.
Valves used 3 3 1
Wave form CW & ICW  CW & ICW  ICW
Associated wavemeter G56 G56  G56
Approximate range in miles 250 World wide at times 30
Date of design 1933 1933 1933
Power Supply See above to Frequency Range.

Type of Set See above to Frequency Range.
Wave Form See above to Frequency Range.
Method of Producing Oscillations Self
Where used/fitted. Type 50P series is fitted in the W/T office of small sloops and gunboats and will supersede the existing sets in the second W/T offices of certain capital ships and cruisers.  The set will also be fitted in the second W/T offices of new construction small cruisers.     It is a low/medium power set.  The circuit used in the Transmitter 3U L/F has been designed to reduce, as far as possible, the frequency variations which are caused in self-excited transmitters by swaying aerials or feeder systems etc.  In the earlier Type 50 sets  two types of  low power tuning units were fitted, one having a frequency range of 100 to 700 kc/s and the other a frequency range of 375 to 2333 kc/s.  The former was fitted with main office Type 50 sets and the latter with second office sets.  The later pattern low power units have been designed to cover a frequency range of 100 to 1700 kc/s.
Associated Wavemeter See above to Frequency Range.
Small Schematic

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