ADEN [Khormaksar] 21[B] 22[C] 25[B] 26[B] 20[AD1] 20[AD2] 29 [AD5E] and in addition Type T26/Type T1078.
BERMUDA [Ireland Island] 20[BE] 20[B] 21[B] 26[B] 25[BE] 29*[BE] and in addition SWB11
BOMBAY [Ma Hul] 21[B] 26[B] and in addition SWB11 3KM Type 49 Type X2
CANBERRA [Belconnin] None. Other sets -  Special one-off, a 10kW TX,  2 x 2OkW TX. VH/F TX
CANBERRA [Harman] None. Other sets - VH/F
DARWIN [Coonawarra] None. Other sets - 10kW L/F/MF, 10kW HF, 5kW HF
FREEMANTLE [Jandakot] None
CLEETHORPES 21[B] 22[C] 22[CL] 25[B]
ESQUIMALT [Canadian Government] 26[B] and in addition Type 37 and 37S
FALKLAND ISLANDS None. Other sets - Marconi Type U, 2 x SWB8.
FORT BLOCKHOUSE [Portsmouth] None. Other sets - 2 x 3L, 2 x 5D
GARDEN ISLAND [Sydney] None. Other sets - 35, 30A, 43X, T2
GIBRALTAR [North Front] 21[B] 22[C] 25[B] 26[B] and in addition RAF Type 1078
GIBRALTAR [Dockyard Tower] None. Other sets -  Special for local communications.
GIBRALTAR [Rock] None. Other sets -   Emergency ICW  Set for ship-shore circuit.
HALIFAX [Canadian Government] 26 and in addition  37 and 37S
HONG KONG [T Centre] None. Other sets -    59 and 51
 MALTA [Rinella] 20[B] 22[B] 21[B] 25[B] 26[B] 26 and in addition SWB8, 60FS/2, 43MW/2 [1] and [2], Special for local transmission of calibrated waves.
MALTA [STC] None. Other sets -    34M, 49A, 60E, 73
MALTA [Castille] None. Other sets - 43MW
MATARA 20[B] 25[B]
MELBOURNE [W/T Navy Office] None. Other sets -  36, 34 plus HF attachments
OTTAWA [Canadian Government] 26[B]
NORE 20[B] 21[B]
PLYMOUTH [Fort Staddon] 20[B] 21[B] 25[B]
PORTSMOUTH [Horsea] 20[B] 21[B] 25[B] 26[B/2] 26/2 and in addition SWB11, Type 43, SWB10, 60FS.
PORTSMOUTH [Dockyard] None. Other sets -  1 RNV[W]R Tx for emergencies
ROSYTH [Castland Hill] 20[B]
ROSYTH [Donibristle] 21[B] 25[B]
SIMONSTOWN [Klaver Camp] 21[B] 25[B] and in addition  Locally made HF Panel
SINGAPORE [Suara] 21[B] 22[C] 25[B/4] 26[B] 27 and in addition SWB10, US METRAD.
SINGAPORE [Changi] None. Other sets -  60
SINGAPORE [Fort Canning] None. Other sets -  60
SINGAPORE [Mata] None. Other sets -  60
SINGAPORE [HQ of Sections] None. Other sets -  60
STONECUTTERS 20[B] 21 21[B] 22[C].  Other sets -  SWB8, SWB10, SWB11, Type 29.
HONG KONG None. Other sets -   60
HONG KONG [Dockyard S.S] None. Other sets -   60
ADMIRALTY [Whitehall] None. Other sets -   50, RNV[W]R Tx.
TECHNICAL DETAILS OF THE 20's SERIES - All of these sets were Valved, i.e., NOT Spark or Arc Transmitters.  Thus {like ARC's} they transmitted CONTINUOUS WAVE signals.  However, continuous waves of this period differed greatly from the definition used today as file shows CLICK HERE
20AD1 90-150kHz
20AD2 500kHz
20B 375-1500kHz
20BE 5000-18000kHz
21B 60-550kHz
22C 40-150kHz
22CL 40-150kHz
25B 3000-20000kHz
25BE 5000-18000kHz
26 4500-20000kHz four crystal control spot frequencies
26B 4500-20000kHz with 4 crystal controlled spot frequencies from 5000, 8805, 8330, 8870, 12170 or 12500 kHz
27 4295-14000kHz
29AD5E 3500-19300kHz
29*BE 4400-18000kHz

The drawings and plans for the 20's series installation are enormous and impossible to handle for this medium: they measure 4 foot by 2 foot, so here are just a couple of corner labels and the front cover of the Type 25 to view.