The vast majority of web sites which you will or may browse to in the future, will be written using software designed to enhance the images published on countless millions of pages.

To enable you to see these pages correctly, you must have the necessary software installed in your computer.  Many of you are already au fait with PDF files [Portable Data Format] and the need for you to download an ADOBE READER so that you can view these special files.  You will also be aware that as time goes by, versions of software are updated by the maker of the product, and that you should check every now and again, that you have the latest version installed.

This web site uses PDF technology, but it also uses JAVA SCRIPT and occasionally FLASH.   To view the site properly, you should have downloaded all three technologies.  All are extremely easy to download and all are FREE.  Once downloaded, you may see things on other sites which you have never seen before! Additionally, we also recommend using WINDOWS MEDIA for your sound and video files.

To download the ADOBE READER click here. 

To download the JAVA click here

To download WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER click here

To download FLASH click here