Custom Search

Hello.  Before you add in your requirement and then click search, a little bit of advice on how to get the best out of this system.

Let us take the Marconi NT 204 Transmitter, known in the navy as the 640 as an example. When you click search, every page which contains the entry '640' will be returned to you.  Even if a returned page seems to have the obvious answer, be warned that on that page the name 640 may appear several times, each appearance giving separate detail about the transmitter. Therefore, for all returned pages it is better to approach the search as follows.  Open a returned page, then from the page menu bar choose 'EDIT' and then 'Find on this page'. In the find  box below, add in 640. Each and every appearance of 640 will be highlighted. All the details of the find are shown in the horizontal line attached to the 'find' box. Be sure to check the button for the search and not the WWW button. 

Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom of the page showing the returned results, as there could be many pages to sift through. 

Finally, be aware that in the early days of this site relaunch, Google will "crawl" this site and until it is completed  and perfected, may offer you pages which have been deleted from the pre relaunched site. A newly deleted page will tell you that the page is not available but in time all reference to the page will be deleted from the "crawl" and you start to see only relevant up-to-date pages. For our part, will will endeavour to make sure that all abandoned files are taken off our server. Thank you.

  Good hunting.