Radhaz [Radiation Hazard] is a very important part of the general upper deck management of a warship with its many aerials, some fixed and some rotating. It also concerns itself with underwater transducers transmitting sonic waves - SONAR. The prime purpose of a RADHAZ organisation is to protect personnel from harmful electromagnetic radiations whilst working aloft, as well as protecting munitions  from premature ignition when in range of the harmful radiations. Additionally, on decks routinely accessible to personnel which have transmitting aerials, there are fixed and permanent precautions taken to protect personnel from shock and radiation.

This file covers all the main points of that management in a modern heavy destroyer, a DLG, of  the 1960's

RADHAZ.pdf.  See also these pictures which were of the deck marking around transmitting W/T aerials.    

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Pages 5 and 6 of the file should be printed and married together so that Part C [page 6] fits snugly with Part A [page 5].