It is reasonable to assume and I am sure that statistics would  prove the case, that of all the prizes given to RN personnel for inventions and improvement to equipment [not to mention prizes for merit in performing ones job], the engineering branches and the operational room branches have bagged the majority.  That is not surprising since these branches form the major part of the Royal Navy in personnel numbers and in technical expertise.  Whilst virtually every sailor has heard of this mans name and his association with the HERBERT LOTT TRUST FUND, few if any, appear to know who he was or how his money started a Fund which still plays a major part in the modus operandi of the Service.

There are no books, no pictures, and no official naval websites about this great man {not even a mention}, which is not only sad but in many ways an insult to twentieth century  naval history. However that has now been addressed.   If you have been awarded a prize from this Fund {or you are hoping to do so in the near future}, or perhaps out of a need to understand the broader issues of belonging to the Navy, then you might like to look at the following website. CLICK HERE.