The CHC is staffed by volunteers who work in the CHC premises on monday's only.  Hours of 'business' are usually from 0900 until 1500.  During that time, contact can be made with CHC Staff on 01329 332535.  On other days, and outside those times on a Monday, contact can be made with the curator on 01329 843929.  CONTACT BY TELEPHONE IS THE PREFERRED METHOD OF CONTACT with either letter writing or emailing as a joint second choice.

The curator's personal email address is mailto:cjckidd[at] You will note that I have placed an "[at]" in the email address. This is to try and stop spamming machines trawling for email addresses to invade, to deliver annoying rubbish.  Please remember to replace the "[at]" with the symbol @ before using it to send a bona fide email. the CHC does not have an email address nor an internet connection. This means that the Curator will process your email in his private home and not at his Curator's desk.

there is no 'GUESTBOOK' by design because guestbook's are vulnerable to attack by outsiders who care naught for the site or its contents.