Communicating with the CHC

The CHC is staffed by volunteers who work in the CHC premises on Monday's only.  Hours of 'business' are usually from 0900 until 1500.  During that time, contact can be made with CHC Staff on 01329 332535.

On other days, and outside those times on a Monday, contact can be made with the curator on 01329 843929.  CONTACT BY E-MAIL IS THE PREFERRED METHOD OF CONTACT with letter writing as a second choice.

The curator's personal email address is cjckidd[at] You will note that I have placed an "[at]" in the email address. This is to try and stop spamming machines trawling for email addresses to invade, to deliver annoying rubbish.  Please remember to replace the "[at]" with the symbol @ before using it to send a bona fide email.

The CHC does not have an email address nor an internet connection. This means that the Curator will process your email in his private home and not at his Curator's desk.

There is no 'GUESTBOOK' by design because guestbook's are vulnerable to attack by outsiders who care naught for the site or its contents.

If you wish to write to the Curator please use the following address:

Lt Cdr C.J.C. Kidd RN Rtd
Curator Collingwood Heritage Collection
HMS Collingwood
Newgate Lane
PO14 1AS.

If you have a query regarding the website then please email chcmuseumwebmaster[AT] (replace [AT] with @ )

Arranging a visit to the CHC

Welcome to our collection. It is open to visitors, but being in the middle of a high security Naval Establishment, certain conditions apply. These are as follows:
Step 1: Security in HMS Collingwood is very high. Make telephone contact with me or write to me seeking an appointment to view.

a.  My home telephone number is 01329 843929.
b.  The CHC telephone number is 01329 332535 Mondays only 1000 to 1500.
c.  The CHC address is: Lt Cdr C.J.C. Kidd RN Rtd Curator Collingwood Heritage Collection HMS Collingwood Newgate Lane Fareham Hampshire PO14 1AS.
d.  State the size of your group. There is no minimum but a group of twenty is the maximum number we can accommodate. We very much regret that we have few facilities at the CHC, and no facilities for the disabled.
e.  Please supply the vehicle registration of all vehicles requiring access. If a previously nominated vehicle is unerviceable/unavailable on the day of the visit, please remember to 'phone in an alternative registration. THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR SECURITY REASONS.
f.  Any support for the visit (food etc) will be discussed in the initial stages of the contact.

Step 2: a.  If contacted by telephone, most of your questions will be answered during our conversation.
b.  If contacted by letter, I will respond as soon as I can to send you all necessary details. Please be aware that I am often absent from the CHC.
Step 3: a. Security is High in HMS Collingwood.
b. On arrival at the main gates you will be directed to a wait area, from where you will be collected and scorted to the CHC.
c. You will be escorted to different parts of the establishment relevant to the nature of your visit.
d. It is always helpful if you have some form of photographic ID, although this is not a prerequisite.
e. Please obey all speed limits in the Establishment which is normally 20 mph. When you see marching sailors on the same road as you are on, stop your vehicles until they have pased your stationary position.
f. Although a rare occurrence for CHC visitors, if you are given any instructions or orders please obey them. If given, they will help rather than hinder your visits.
Step 4: a. There is no charge to visit the CHC. However, cash donations however small are always welcome, and are used to purchase radar and communications equipment's relevant to/necessry to our CHC.
b. Non cash donations are always welcome and, if having viewed our ehibits, you can see a place for a piece of equipment you were about to throw away, then consider our Collection first. Thank you. We will either display it, or if a duplicate, we will refurbish the better of the two and sell on the unwanted piece. This generates a small cash flow for us. Thank you and we look forward to your contact and subsequently your visit.

How to get here

Newgate Lane
PO14 1AS
Tel No: 01329 332535

1. Click on the map to open it. Point to the map with your mouse. Hold down the left hand button and then drag the map to the position required i.e., junction 11 on the M27. Click on the + sign to enlarge if necessary.

2. After leaving Jct 11, travel along the A27 which leads into Eastern Way.

3. STAY on the top road [two lanes to your right] and in the left hand lane heading towards Gosport A32: do not go down the slip road on the far left into Fareham proper. Some little way ahead, traffic merges from the left either joining your lane or going up a slip road to transit on top of the bridge.

4. Pass under the bridge heading towards Gosport A32 and once under, get into the right hand lane.

5. You will come to a roundabout. Stay in the right hand lane and continue ahead .

6. You will pass through pedestrian controlled traffic lights (be aware of the speed camera here) and shortly afterwards there is a junction. Traffic in the left hand lane continues on to Gosport A32, and traffic in the right hand lane [that is you] enters Newgate Lane on the B3385. You will cross over a bridge. Stay over to your right at the first roundabout, continue ahead. At the second roundabout, stay in the righ hand lane and continue ahead [second exit] then filter right at the next set of lights which appears to you almost immediately, so be on your guard! When given the GO you will turn right into the approach road for HMS Collingwood. Beware all those who have visited before of a major roadwork change completed Summer 2015!

7. Follow the approach road to the main gates for instructions on how to get to the visitors reception/check-in desk and waiting area for the arrival of your host.