For some considerable period, certainly measured in years, the Museum has had a web site which will have been visited by many people, too numerous to count.

  The truth of the matter is that no claim for it being in the public domain or for its success however measured, can be made by any member of the Museum Staff, past or present, save that one, Colin Parr, the Museum's Archivist until late in 2004, brokered the idea of putting the Museum's artefact on the internet with an acquaintance of his.

  That acquaintance, KEITH RAWLINGS an enthusiastic RADIOHAM and a knowledgeable devotee of RACAL receivers, very generously added the Museum, as a separate entity, to his own web site KEITHS VINTAGE RACAL SITE. There it has remained with no tangible gain to Keith, but an enormous boost to the Museum for which we are most grateful. This charitable gesture by Keith has certainly 'grown' the Museum and we have received many a compliment concerning the contents and presentation of the site.

  However, we now wish to build our own web site in-house, and rather than build on to the existing site {subject to Keith's acquiescence}, we have decided to start anew from scratch. Keith has been informed of our decision but his kindness will live on for the foreseeable future, and the domain name he negotiated on our behalf, viz Communications and Radar Museum HMS Collingwood will remain active for the time being. So as not to cause too much confusion to the audience we seek or to the internet search engines and their crawlers, we have opted to call the new site as clearly you are already aware.

  The Curator and Museum Staff wish to publicly thank Keith for his generosity manifest with his time given freely for no reward in the preparation of the site and its subsequent maintenance; for the provision of his computer [hardware], programmes [software] and associated skills, and for the costs involved to himself on our behalf in the provision of the web server space. As a quid pro quo, the association will continue and we will add Keith's web site to our LINKS page.