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In this file:-

General Summary of Wireless Telegraphy Progress during the Year 1911.

Instructional Report.

Telegraphist Branch.

Organisation of Wave-lengths and Wireless Signal Books.

Report on the demonstration of the Poulsen system October 1911.

Wireless Telegraphy Low Power Shore Stations (diagram).

Shore Stations.

Low Power Stations.

Medium Power Stations.

High Power Stations.

Horse experimental receiving gear (diagrams and details).

Aerial and Earth Connections, Malta High Power Station (diagram).


In this file:-

Buzzer Repeater in lieu of Inker Recorder.

Service Mark II improvements.

Experiments to improve Note.

D and P Tunes - best methods of transmitting.

Multiple Feeder and Anti-Brushing Gear (diagram).

Improved form of Aerial Feeder.

Extract from report of Exmouth on Trial of Multiple Feeders.

Destroyers Installations.

Extract from report by Commander Payne HMS Crusader.

Short Distance sets.

Portable Harbour and Defence Sets.

Portable Set designed by the Marconi Company


In this file:-

Brown's Telephone Relay.

Type C Receiving Sets.

Quenched Spark System of W.T..

New Dennis Detector.


Element of Quenched Gaps.

New design for Rigging Insulator.

Induction Curves for Aerial and Mutual Coils.


In this file:-

Calibration of Wavemeters.

Remote Control Auto-Starters.

Interference Preventer.

Buzzer Transmitter.

Moschicki Condensers.

New Design of Rigging Insulator.


In this file:-

Daily Mirror W.T. Demonstration.

Clifden W.T. Station.

Typical Quenched Gap.


New Rigging Insulator.


In this file:-

State of WT in Italy, Turkey, USA, Uruguay, Falkland Islands, Brazil, Belgium, Holland, Argentina, Egypt, Russia, Newfoundland, Spain.

Bellini-Tosi Directional System.

Spark Photography.

Analysis of Tenders for W.T. Installation.