In this file:-

Information of the general working of W/T apparatus (coherers), (jiggers - part of a tuning circuit transformer - see page 104 in this file Click Here to see the primary and secondary of a jigger feeding a coherer direct from an aerial input: jigger's are used with all spark equipments including transmitters), (cowtails - the ends of the aerial cable either at the aerial or in the office, (accumulators - collecting and storing electricity: batteries).

New Service sets - 63 sets have been issued of the Marconi Type.

Appropriation of W/T apparatus November 1902 (two pages separated by 'insulators').

Insulators for Wire Aerials.

Alterations & Improvement "A new type of Coil" - Spark Gap coil.

Information on Shore Stations.

Notice in this file that HMS Collingwood is a Coastguard Ship. Also that HMS Hood was fitted with W/T kit from Marconi and not the RN kit (HMS Vernon). Of significance, the Hood was sunk in one of the entrances to Portland Harbour to stop Germans U-Boats and E-Boats from gaining entry.


In this file:-

W/T Instruments under trial.

Magnetic decoder - better than a coherer ?

Popoff - Ducretet apparatus - not a success.

Motor transformer - trying to improve the spark gap transmitter.

High resistance shunt for coherer - not approved !

W/T Kites - go fly your kite and succeed !

Wire aerials - is the system cracking up ?

Accumulators - a break through with batteries.

Potentiometers - coherer improvements again.

Lodge-Muirhead System of W/T - an improvement on the coherer and the navy is interested in knowing more!

Progress in Syntonic Telegraphy - Captain Jackson's system