showing various Naval Wireless Stations abroad and at home

Malta W/T Stations through the ages by Godfrey Dykes.

(Malta - Zebbug, Rinella and others from the earliest times viz 1912 to closure.).

Those of you who browse the net may have seen this photograph album on my personal web site. In the early days and thoughts of a Museum web site, I published this album privately to see what impact (if any) it had visually, the data value historically taken as read as being very much part of the story about RN W/T shore stations. Since the album was a success I have copied it to this site as a MALTA INPUT.

Subsequent to the first publish, Kevin Ocarroll, son of a well known WEO and character of the WE Branch, sent me the following photographs of Malta W/T Stations and others, each to their own section.

See this file Kevin Ocarroll Pics. Since making the album below I have un-earthed a few more pictures all of them of Zebbug W/T in various years, see Zebbug WT

1912 - 1916. No names to reveal. However note the Sparkers badges and the cap tallies of HMS EGMONT the former name of HMS St Angelo. The arm band worn on the officers right sleeve is not one of mourning but of regimental style. Note the two dogs - common on such photographs. The medal bars worn by the two CPO's and the RM officer would have been associated with the Boer War. Note the Sparkers badge on the right cuff on the left of centre CPO. Also note the black socks on the PO right of centre. Note the sailor's hat back row extreme right - looks like a German sailor.

1918/1919. After the carnage of total war! Note the ratings wearing medals and their officers not. On the left of the CPO Telegraphist is a PO - note his crossed torpedoes badge (a Greenie). The Naval officer is a Commissioned Warrant Officer the other officer being a Royal Marine.

1919 - 1922. Royal Marine OIC with Greenies and Sparkers. Note the three types of CPO (See my Warrant Officer pages) Centre on left a CPO with two buttons on the rear of his cuffs; the CPO Telegraphist and the CPO Artificer. HMS Egmont soon to be changed to HMS St Angelo.

1922 -1925. HMS EGMONT. Taken before the days 'photographic smartness'. A scruffy looking lot to say the least even to the CPO to the left of the RM OIC having his icecream suite collar open

1925 - 1928. HMS EGMONT. Sparkers and Greenies [note crossed torpedo badges] with RM OIC and of course the COMMCEN dog - Malta dog, at that!! Note the white socks worn by the sailor front right. Pity about the broken fence.

1932 - 1934. A photograph which has not worn well! Notice now [in 1932] the HMS St Angelo cap tallie. A goodly mix of characters here - the three badge nothing, the three badge killick and the three badge Acting PO [1 year in square rig before being confirmed and changing into fore and aft rig]. The dog is a bit blurred. Greenies and Sparkers. The OIC has seated to his left a Senior Commissioned Warrant Officer [one thick ring]. The Chiefs are a Sparker and a Tiffy. It must have been windy and the extreme right hand man front row is holding down in collar with his left hand - he is not scratching his back.

1934 - 1936. The 1934-1936 staff of Sparkers and Greenies, but because of the mourning arm bands worn by the OIC and the Senior Commissioned Warrant Officer, the time would have been early 1936. King George V died on the 20th January 1936 aged 70 at a time when court mourning would have lasted several weeks. HMS St Angelo.

1936 - 1939. Lots of PO Telegraphists. How many? At least six - middle row extreme ends and one in centre 5th from left all doing acting time before changing rigs to fore and aft, and three seated. The two PO's right hand side one seated one standing appear to be sharing a private joke. Note the CPO Telegraphist wearing his badge on his right cuff. There is one Greenie CPO Artificer and one PO. The OIC is now a Lieutenant [instead of a Lieutenant Commander] but the Senior Commissioned Warrant Officer is still a staff appointee. [Warrant officers ceased to be in 1947]. WO's of post 1970 are RATING warrant officers and not as they were in these days.

1947-1948 right hand side of picture]. This is RINELLA W/T and the first picture in the series with names - but strange [?] titles. I quote verbatim. L-R Front row: POTEL Caygill, POTEL Park, CRE Scott, Mr Rayner WEO[R] R.N., [a Branch Officer and no longer a Commissioned Warrant Officer], EA[L] Reeve, PORE Hewlett, PORE Warner. Centre row: PORE Hill, Stoker Muscat, Stoker Pace, Leading Stoker Stafrace, L.TEL Lord, L.TEL Parodi, Stoker Agius, Stoker Cremonia, PORE Pierson. Rear row: SA Eamey, Cook Magri, Leading Stoker Cassar, LREM Hadley, PORE Dickson, PORE Ferguson. The CRE and all the PORE's and the PO TEL's have Sparkers badges. The Commissioned Warrant Officer [thin ring] has a green coloured cloth underneath his rings which can be seen on the original photograph but not here.