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Horse Island - from Arc to SPARK to Keyed CW to Voice - all in a days work! by Godfrey Dykes.

Horsea Island Wireless Station of long ago.

Horsea Island is situated in Portsmouth Harbour. It has had a long career with the Royal Navy, whether as a radio station, a fire fighting venue or a small arms gunnery range.

Much of the documentation is not dated but we know when and what radio transmitters were around at what time, so we can have a pretty good guess at the year[s] we are looking at. In this case, our guess is 1920's to 1940's.

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Horsesa W/T. Olympia, showing 20,000 volt cubilces.

Horsea W/T. Olympia, and experimental building.

Horsea W/T. Olympia and pole line for aerial array feeders.

Horsea W/T. View of old spark building and aerial array for transmitter type 25X.

Horsea W/T. Hut containing H/F transmitter and telegraph pole mast for its aerial.

Horsea W/T. 440 foot mast and line of poles for aerial array feeders.

Horsea W/T. Conference rooms and the old living quarters.

Horsea W/T. The C.W. power house.

Horsea W/T. Officer-in-Charge [OIC] Residence, and the isolated receiving building.

Horsea W/T. The isolated receiving building.

Horsea W/T. Living quarters and OIC's office/spark building.

Horsea W/T. Spark station showing Type 25X Transmitter.