but before you do, this little file will take some of you back to the mid 1950's and in particular to the time of the Suez War in 1956.  There were no such things as SSB HF Voice in the Fleet, no RATT transmission to/from ships at sea, no satellites, no on-line cryptography [machine or book cypher systems only], just plain old Morse Code. At the time of the War, there was much too much traffic originated, which meant that the speed of the Morse Code had to be fast enough to keep the War Commanders [British and French] up to date with conditions within the Eastern Mediterranean.  Additionally, they needed to know what the Israelis were doing in their war against Egypt and what the Russians were doing to the nation of Hungary:  the world, then as now, was a very volatile place. This is what the Malta Morse Broadcast sounded like in the Autumn of 1956 malta broadcast during the suez war.wav.  It is a .wav file, so you will require your speakers to be on. If you attempt to read it and you do transcribe a perfect copy, you have mastered Morse Code at a speed of 29 wpm - well done. Can you imagine being in Egyptian waters wearing full anti flash gear in a non air conditioned space reading this Morse for SIX HOURS ON END and  in a two watch systemOne had to have an athlete's psyche both mentally and physically to succeed and keep abreast at all times, never letting the speed of the Morse Code match, and certainly never overtake your mental state of preparedness, resisting fatigue affecting  your dexterity and agility to record the text of messages ready for the command to read, which could have led to mistakes.



### To avoid any confusion especially in these sections, a spark-gap transmitter is keyed using two keysthe operator sends morse on the signalling key [also known as the sending key or the h.o., meaning hand operated key] which is sited in the silent cabinet, a part of the wireless office safe from noise and electric shocks. This in turn keys the magnetic key which is sited in the high power cage {a Locked area} - a deadly place to be but also in the wireless office, which 'keys' the spark