Now meet the Collection Staff

They come from three distinct backgrounds from two groups, naval and civilian, and all are unpaid volunteers.

There have been so many of them over the years, all in their own way and time adding assets to the Collection.  Without exception, all have been committed group members [no slackers; no prima donnas; no loners etc] all there in their own time with the regularity of a career-paid-employee. Indeed, they see the upkeep of the CHC as a real job, albeit part time.

The groups mentioned above are Royal Navy engineers and operators, and in the civilian group, civilians without a service connection who are usually HAMS, most having an electrical engineering background with recognised qualifications [chartered engineers for example], and those without a service background who know as much and more about naval systems and equipment's having served in the WSTG [Weapon System Tuning Group], than the majority of royal sailors. WSTG are responsible for making sure that systems afloat work properly and to their intended purpose ['spec] before handing the ship over to the navy. Their inclusion into the CHC has produced marvelous results, setting to work hitherto static displays for all to see and some to 'play' with!  We have one gentleman who served in the RN as an HO during WW2.  However, as you will see he is just about to leave us for family reasons. We wish him God's Speed and good luck,  and thank him for all he has done over the years.

The current list is:-

Clive Kidd [Curator] - Lieutenant Commander RN.  EurIng BSc CEng MIEE [Weapons Electrical] Rtd

Adrian Wright - ex WSTG

Neville Maton - ex WSTG

Ivan Winter - ex WSTG

Pat Cross- ex WSTG and ex merchant navy electrical/electronic engineer

Mick Rutland - Radio HAM

Alec Baker - RN, HO WW2 and electrical engineer [C.Eng]. Regrettably, Alec is on his way out, wanting to be near his wife who recently left their home in Gosport for a nursing home in their original home town in the west country.  He will be much missed.

Fred Greenwood - C.Eng and Radio HAM

John Wise MBE - ex RN WO1 from the Electronic Warfare branch.

Ted Robinson -  ex RN WO1 from the Radio Electrical Artificer branch

Godfrey [Jeff] Dykes - ex RN WO1 from the Wireless Telegraphy branch - acts as our Webmaster. He is an ex-volunteer now domiciled in Suffolk.

As previously mentioned, our erstwhile Curator Bill Legg, is still around and very much a part of the Collection!