A very warm welcome to our new Curator of the CHC.  His name is CLIVE KIDD, and this is his story.

Hello my name is Clive Kidd and I am the Honorary Curator of the Collingwood Historic Collection, formerly known as the Collingwood Museum. Welcome to our  web site. I hope you enjoy browsing the site and find the information you are looking for. If not please feel free to contact me by e- mail my address is  cjckidd(at)waitrose.com. Of course you need to replace (at) with @ ; its my attempt to keep the spam down!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself...

After Leaving Grammar School, in the late 1960s I trained at  South Shields Marine and Technical College as a Merchant Navy Radio Officer . I also studied  for an ONC In Electrical Engineering. Good marks in the latter led me to University in Newcastle, to read Electrical Engineering where  in my final year I joined the Royal Navy as a  University Cadet . After training at Dartmouth, some Junior Officers Sea time and the Royal Naval College  Manadon I  Joined HMS Collingwood for the first time to undertake  the second phase of the Weapon Engineering ( WE) Application Course. On completion of this I joined HMS NORFOLK as one of the WE Section Officers. This appointment was followed by an appointment to Fraser Gunnery Range where I spent three happy summer seasons. My next staff appointment was to HMS COLLINGWOOD teaching Radio Communications theory. This was followed by a job as an Applications Officer in the Procurement Executive. I then  went back to sea as the Weapon Engineer Officer of HMS SIRIUS, a batch 3 Leander Class Frigate. On completion of this appointment I returned to HMS  COLLINGWOOD as the Explosive and Small Arms Maintenance Training Group Officer. My next job was back in the Procurement Executive  before moving onto SCU Leydene as the Staff Engineer Officer. I Retired from the RN in 2000 and took over , from Bill Legg,  as honorary curator of the Collingwood Historic Collection in April 2014.

I have always always had a keen interest in history and the history of military technology  in particular and I look forward to deepening my knowledge via this splendid collection and by contact with you..

Enjoy your browsing


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