Part of the W/T Shore Station suite of receivers, this one dealing with Remote Controlled facilities.

Rather than show you yet another receiver or control panel, here we simply show a concept where the RECEIVER is in the W/T Shore station, and the OPERATOR is some distance away in a COMMCEN [Communications Centre].  In the basic block which follows, the W/T Station and its receiver [HR71]  is in the right side block being fed by an aerial, and the operator, in the left side block, sits controlling his [HR72].  Note the PO  LINES [Post Office Line]  in the middle of the two blocks.  The top line is sending from the operator to the receiver [left to right] and the bottom line, from receiver to operator [right to left]: they are both transferring AF [audio frequencies] in  the range 200 to 3100 cycles [c/s]. On the receiver side, note that the aerial connection route is via a ganged switch which is drawn 'connected', so the signal flow is RF across that switch to the receiver for de-modulation, then AF out of the receiver on the adjacent parallel line to the LP Filter [on the bottom] via the ganged switch to the output transformer.   AF OUT to the transformer is either via the LP [Low Pass] Filter or the Frequency Shift Oscillator, the latter being using for a 10 kc/s calibrator oscillator. The AF arrives at the operators headphones via the top LP Filter. When the operator needs to change the parameters on the distant receiver, he operates the required spot frequency signal choice, the modulators, the operate button which in turn creates a magslip voltage and a discriminator voltage which alter the receivers setting.