Our attention now turns to our outgoing Curator, although, despite his great age, inter alia, he  has every intention to become subservient to the new Curator but has no intention of divorcing himself completely from the CHC.

Under the 'old' system, this was his page.

Hello and a big welcome from everybody attached to the Museum.
My name is Bill Legg and HMS Collingwood is very much my alma mater.  When not at sea or in MOD Appointments ashore home and abroad, I spent many happy hours here, and even after retirement from the navy in 1987 after 36 years of service leaving as a Lieutenant Commander Weapons Electrical Officer, I stayed on as the Curator of this Museum. Not surprisingly, I consider many of our exhibits in the Museum as friends for I have been directly associated with them for over 55 years now. You will have already read on an earlier page about the history of the Museum and how, where and why it was started. I came to this job in 1987 when a great deal of the work had already been done.  A great deal of work and progress has been made since then, and I am just as passionate about the collection, its upkeep, its exhibition and its growth now as I was then so many years ago. 
In my time here, many highly knowledgeable and diligent men have given of their time freely as a volunteer assisting in the build of this collection, and whilst it is essentially a Royal Navy Museum, the vast majority of those men have been civilians, some of whom Served their country in our Armed Forces when much younger men, whilst others are HAMS and enjoy working with radio equipments.  There are too many names to mention, and of course some have passed on, but all their names live on with those of us who still support the Museum and we are grateful for their contributions.
There is still a great deal to be done to incorporate some of the obsolete naval equipment we now own into our exhibited collection, and weary though it is, we are always looking for support in the form of donations either as small cash gifts or as equipments [civilian, military or naval] to enhance our environment.  As previously mentioned, where an equipment donation results in a duplication, we keep the best example, refurbish the other into a fully working model and then sell it on to replenish our coffer. We have very few overheads [no wage bill for example] and because of the generosity afforded by HMS Collingwood, no rent or utility bills. The web pages are written in-house by one of our volunteers at no cost to the Museum.
I will say goodbye now and leave you to browse our pages.  All the best.  Bill Legg.

We say our several goodbye's to Bill as the Curator but as stated above, he will still be around, sharing his enormous knowledge and acumen with us. Good luck Bill and many thanks to you and your leadership over the years.