The B28 was for many years, throughout WW2 and afterwards, the main Fleet MF/HF Receiver. Outwardly, its switches and controls were simple and uncluttered when compared with the B29, and it was a superhet receiver, as opposed to the TRF [Tuned Radio Frequency] of the B29. In most cases, a ship would have several B28's fitted to just the odd B29.

Fitted widely throughout  the Fleet.

Click here B28.pdf for a description, and here B28.jpg  for a picture.

See here for more details.  Note the three out of four names this receiver was called throughout the years. In the first of three pictures there is a reference to the "CR100",  the manufacturers name and also to "Tuner-Amplifier B28" its name when first entering service with the Navy: the Type 65 is fully covered in the Transmitter Matrix.    The second picture refers to it as being a "CDC" which is its official sea-going name whilst the third picture simply repeats its original Naval title.  Its fourth title was "CDL" which it assumed when fitted ashore in Naval W/T Stations.       

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