We were the very last warrant officers whose origins date back centuries. However, our direct ancestors really came to prominence in the Napoleonic Wars starting with the first sea battle "The Glorious 1st of June" 1794 and ending with "Trafalgar" 1805. We tell the full story of the Naval Warrant officer from antiquity to 1949 [when it all ended]. It can be found here in these three pages THE ROYAL NAVY WARRANT OFFICER PART ONE - THE ROYAL NAVY WARRANT OFFICER PART TWO - THE ROYAL NAVY WARRANT OFFICER PART THREE


....but what did we {the Navy} do 'electrically' before we had an Electrical Branch ? Click here to find out.
1947, and on the left, you see me as a Commissioned Warrant officer, with a green cloth underneath my ¼" stripes.  My name is William H.K. Morton R.N. On the right, and a little later on, I have been promoted to be a Senior Commissioned Warrant Officer, and I am seen wearing the green cloth beneath my ½" stripes.