This much used pamphlet has seen better days, and is quite literally dropping to pieces, eventually to turn into dust. It has to be rescued and digitised now before its contents are lost for ever.

To those of you who are familiar with wire aerials in warships, you will know that a "B608" was always the master document of reference, and every type of ship had its own B608 drawing. This document generalises on the subject of wire aerials, pointing out that whip aerials are currently under development and that a separate specification {Specification B493} will be issued for their fitting in due course.

This document was written in April 1945 with world war two still being prosecuted.  Its preparation therefore is clearly a pukker WW2 document. However, the Addendum's post date that period/crisis, being dated from 1949 to 1952.

Here then is the document in two parts.

WIRE AERIAL B608 circa 1945.pdf

WIRE AERIAL B608 circa 1945 - PART TWO..pdf